UX. UI. Visual Design. Web Design. Information Design. Information Architecture.

Amit loves color. He’s been playing with it for as long as he can remember. What started as a pastime, turned into a hobby, and eventually a passion.

A Full Stack Designer with over 20 years of international expertise creating User Experiences for B2B & B2C SAAS, Cloud, On-Prem & standalone products, Amit has helped companies, start-ups, and teams stand up, get noticed, and get ahead.

From leading, mentoring, motivating & inspiring teams to deliver superb creative work, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to multi-tasking as the sole creative, Amit has excelled across diversified roles & responsibilities.

Amit also has extensive experience in front-end development and optimizations. He has designed/developed/managed websites, marketing campaigns, event promotions, and corporate brands and identities.



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